Tantra Online Course

Tantra Online Course

Now you can sign up for the sacred teachings of Tantra online! At the website, there are dozens of free courses to select from. In addition, more new Tantra information added weekly.

Tantra Online Course: The Samurai Way

Ultimately, this is the perfect opportunity to view live classes and participate in virtual events as you investigate Mahamudra, Rasa, Zen, and other Hindu wisdom shared in an exciting new way using the online course series called Tantra For couples. This eight-part series answers all the questions you have about traditional Indian tantra and even delves deeper into the ancient secrets of how the ancient masters of yoga, kundalini and other spiritual paths awaken our higher consciousness (shiva). You’ll find out how you can get connected to your inner self and receive empowerment to live a happier and more fulfilled life. You’ll meet other couples who are exploring the sacred art of love and seek the sacred rituals that bring joy and spiritual fulfillment. This course is designed to help you discover the incredible power of the ancient teachings of India.

The goal of this course is to give you a comprehensive introduction to tantra online. You will learn about the origins of tantra, how to use yoga, kundalini, chakras and other spiritual paths in enhancing your love life. You will experience an inspiring vision of your future as you uncover the secret symbols of love and spiritual wholeness. You will be inspired to tap into the powerful energy of your true self so that your relationship with others and yourself becomes transformed.

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