Storage Redlands

Storage Redlands

storage redlands

If you are looking for a great place to hold your next garage sale, one of the places worth checking out is Storage Redlands. This community is two miles of main street in the City of Riverside and boasts over thirty storage units spread out along the main block. The buildings have been well maintained with lots of windows and large walkways in all directions so that everything in the neighborhood can be seen.


This is a great community to buy a storage unit in and it offers you all kinds of conveniences such as large car washes and a variety of stores. The biggest draw for this community is the fact that there are no parking permits and you can get free city services such as a trash pick up and more. This will help to ensure your sale is a huge success and may entice many motivated people to visit the sale when the prices start going down.


This is a good location for any type of sale. There are plenty of large empty storefronts around town, so the storage space itself is already filled up. This will save on the cost of advertising and marketing because there is no competition for empty storefronts. A good storage unit in the right location will be sure to have buyers flocking.

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