Hair Transplant Chicago – NeoGraft Technology

Hair Transplant Chicago – NeoGraft Technology

NeoGraft hair transplant procedures are an excellent option for men and women who have localized hair loss. Patients with this technique will usually have healthy hair in the hair-bearing areas of their head. Many patients also choose this technique because they are not interested in the linear scar that is associated with other hair restoration procedures.

Is there a hair restoration that works?

NeoGraft hair transplant surgery uses a mechanical device to collect individual hair follicles from donor sites. The device then reverses the vacuuming motion and punches the hair into the recipient site. This technology is safer and results in fewer complications, such as permanent numbness. This technology allows surgeons to cover a large area with hair transplant surgery in one session.

Hair transplant Chicago is a popular procedure in the U.S., with many clinics offering the procedure. The most successful hair transplant procedures are performed by highly trained, experienced practitioners who have extensive experience in the field. Choosing the right surgeon and clinic is a crucial part of planning for a successful procedure. The procedure will cost around $4,000.

The procedure may take a few hours and will be conducted under local anesthesia. Patients may opt to have multiple sessions. Following the procedure, patients can wash their hair as soon as the next day. New hair roots will begin to grow within eight to 365 days.

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