Audi Multimedia Control System

Audi Multimedia Control System

The Audi Mepac system by nature has exceptional quality and many audi enthusiasts consider it to be an excellent replacement for the conventional tape recorder. The Mepac allows for operation at full blast so if you want to record audio for that long awaited perfect moment or just to educate yourself on how a tape recorder operates, then the Mepac makes an ideal replacement. The system will also allow you to store any old or newly recorded audio directly onto your hard drive.

How to Know About Audi Multimedia Control System

audi mechatronic replacement

The technology behind the Mepac is based around the MP3/WMA interface that allows it to easily interface with other equipment such as your iPod, stereo system or mobile phone. The Mepac can also be used to transfer audio from other sources such as DVD players and camcorders. In addition, the audi mechatronic replacement system includes a variety of useful features such as auto pause, fade in and fade out effects, random repeat play and Repeat functionality, manual control of volume levels and also “thumbs up” and “thumbs down”. There are also a number of additional plug-ins that can be used with the system so it can be used in combination with a wide range of music and audio files.

Many audi lovers consider the Audi Mechatronics to be one of the best sounding system available anywhere. The Mechatronics is known to offer crystal clear sound quality through its three front speakers which are positioned on the front of the unit. There are two tweeters on each side, although the lower speaker can only handle a single tweet. The other main feature of the Mechatronics is that it incorporates a line out port so you can send sound to other electronic equipment.

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