Karen McCleave

Karen McCleave

lawyer from the Greater Toronto Area

A good lawyer from the Greater Toronto Area will have many qualities and experience that will help them win the case you need. In addition to being aggressive and compassionate, she will always give you honest advice and use every legal tool to ensure that you get the best possible result. She has also lectured to several groups about the law, including provincial and municipal police and paralegals. She has also been appointed to the JPAAC, or Justice of Peace Appointments Advisory Committee, as a licensee of the Law Society.

A Lawyer From the Greater Toronto Area

Karen McCleave Toronto has a long and distinguished career as a Crown Attorney. During her time with the Crown, she has handled a diverse caseload, from domestic abuse to complex frauds to murder cases. In addition, she has lectured at numerous conferences and has served on the editorial board of the OCAA newsletter. In addition to being a trial lawyer, she also practices criminal law. In her spare time, she enjoys public speaking, and is a passionate advocate for the rights of victims.

If you need legal advice on criminal charges, a lawyer from the Greater Toronto Area maybe your best choice. Legal Aid Ontario is an organization that provides legal assistance to lawyers, but not to non-lawyers. LAO LAW is a resource for researching case law and legislation. Many practicing lawyers use LAO’s resources to save money on Westlaw and Quicklaw. You can find a good lawyer from the Greater Toronto Area by comparing their profiles online.

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