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Equestrian Sports Combines – What Are The Benefits Of This Event?

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Equestrian Sports Combines – What Are The Benefits Of This Event?

The National Equine Rehabilitation Society (NEERS) which is the leading equine rehabilitation therapy organization in the United States has recently announced that it will be hosting an upcoming Equestrian Sports Combines. They are calling it the “NAQ Celebrity Event.” The aim of this event is to combine the best of the best in modern equestrian activities and show them off to the media in an effort to raise money for equine rehabilitation and care.


There are many rehabilitation centers in the US that are able to perform all of the necessary therapies for horses but many are lacking certain aspects in terms of the therapeutic modalities that can help horses with mobility impairments. One of the things that is lacking in many rehabilitation spaces for horses is the ability to provide advanced physical therapies that incorporate therapeutic exercise programs. Most rehabilitation programs focus solely on physiotherapy, although there are some exceptions. Many horses in need of further therapy have a condition known as spinal cord stenosis, which causes severe compression of the vertebrae due to lack of room in the spine for the nerves to properly flow through.


While many horse trainers are not so sure about the value of equine rehab, they admit that it is important to be able to perform the therapeutic techniques that will help your horse recover and stay fit. It is equally important, they say, to be able to perform the therapy exercises without doing damage to the horse’s back. As equine rehab progresses, more advanced therapeutic techniques are being developed. If you own a horse and it is showing signs of injury or disease, contact a veterinary sports medicine specialist to discuss what can be done. Equine sports medicine specialists can also provide valuable advice about which treatments your horse might need and the best way to do it.