Alternatives to Commercial Weed Killers

Alternatives to Commercial Weed Killers

Whenever someone mentions weed-killing plants they automatically think of one of two things; either a commercial brand or an environmentally friendly product. But did you know there are plenty of safe, all-natural alternatives to commercial weed killers? Alternatives to Commercial pet safe weed killer oftentimes cost less and don’t require as much work to prepare your garden or lawn. In this article, we will discuss some all-natural weed killing products that can be used safely in your home and yard.

Who Else Wants To Enjoy Weed Killer

As any landscaper knows, keeping the grass and turf healthy and appearing lush is an ongoing process. The key to keeping the green blades of grass alive is to cut off the “root” that is the source of nutrients while at the same time keeping the outer tough outer layer of the grass or turf attached to the roots. Alternatives to Commercial Weed killers. There are many different brands of environmentally friendly weed killer products available to homeowners that do not contain toxic chemicals.

One brand that is becoming very popular to control stubborn, thick layer of weeds is called Weed Free Weed Killer. It is made from all natural ingredients, including natural minerals and salts and is applied by a professional to the lawn or garden and left on the weeds for 6 hours. The ingredients work on the roots and kill the root system which then shrivel and die. Some animal shelters have been using it in their animals’ homes and have found it has been highly effective at keeping unwanted pets out of the yard.

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